PARC Environmental’s CEO, Louis Martina, will be traveling to Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands during the summer of 2015 with Medical Ministries International to continue their mission to build a church and medical facility for the locals. In July 2013, the team laid the footing for the 100’ X 36’ building and attached the steel frame and metal roofing with water capture system. Louis’ construction team will be completing the facility during this year’s trip. During the time Louis’ team has been away, the locals have taken ownership by supplying and making 5,000 cinder blocks, which will be used to construct the walls of the building. This is quite the financial undertaking for the people of Guadalcanal, considering the average annual income is $1,000 per household.

Medical Ministries International (MMI) has greatly impacted the villages of the Solomon Islands and many other areas around the world by providing new and used medical equipment and supplies from the Central Valley of California. MMI receives donated supplies and equipment from hospitals and doctor’s offices in the greater Fresno area and uses them around them around the world. The team in Fresno is responsible for collecting, sorting, categorizing and packaging these supplies into boxes to prepare them for shipment overseas. MMI also takes teams overseas to remote locations to provide medical clinics in areas where access to medical care is limited.

To learn more about Medical Ministries International or to see how you can help, click here.

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