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8, 24 & 40 hour HAZWOPER training:


Students will learn how to identify physical, chemical, and biological hazards and how to mitigate hazards on the jobsite. Students will learn how to respond to a hazmat emergency response incident and the cleanup efforts involved in a hazmat response incident.  Subject matter covered is taught in accordance with 29 CFR 1910.120 and 8 CCR 5192.  See course syllabus for all topics covered.  Class consists of both classroom instruction and hands-on exercises.

The 8 hour HAZWOPER training course is a First Responder Operations level training: These are individuals who initially respond to releases/spills in order to protect nearby people, property and the environment.  They can try and minimize the effects of the release and prevent people from being exposed.  They are not involved in the actual stopping of the release. The training material must cover:

  • Knowledge of hazards and risk assessment
  • Proper selection and use of personal protective equipment to be used
  • Basic understanding of hazmat terms
  • Use of containments and other resources that can help spills from spreading
  • Decontamination procedures and standard operating procedures during a release/spill.


The 24 hour HAZWOPER training course is for the Hazardous Materials Technician. These are individuals who are trained to approach a spill or release with the intention of stopping the release. They are not, however, involved in the clean-up operations of the spill. The training material must be cover:

  • How to implement the employer’s emergency response plan
  • Have knowledge of hazardous materials
  • How to use field instruments to test unknown materials
  • Have knowledge of the Incident Command System and know their roles within that system
  • How to select and properly use all personal protective equipment
  • Understand risk assessment procedures
  • Able to use advanced containment procedures
  • Understand decontamination and termination procedures
  • Have a basic knowledge of chemistry and toxicology


The 40 hour HAZWOPER training course is for Hazardous Waste Operations training. This is for employees like general laborers, supervisors and equipment operators on hazardous waste sites. Attendees must receive training that covers at a minimum: Safety, health and hazards involved in hazardous waste cleanups, use of personal protective equipment, work practices of hazardous waste operations, safe use of engineering controls, medical surveillance requirements and signs and symptoms of exposures.



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